Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex V

Offering multi-sensor flexibility with vision, laser, surface finish, and scanning probe technologies, the CRYSTA-Apex V series supports a wide range of measurements and variety of workpieces, improving overall productivity and reducing downtime.

Starrett Comparators

Manufactured without compromise, Starrett optical comparators provide time tested, cost effective solutions for non-contact measurement. At the heart of these systems are precision optics, superb lighting and a highly accurate workstage.

Roundness Measuring

Mitutoyo roundness measuring instruments deliver world-class rotational accuracy and industry-leading precision. Equipped with a high-accuracy, easy-to-use rotary turntable on an air bearing, designed with stability and wear resistance in mind.

Vision Systems

Ideal for non-contact measurements of workpieces and high-throughput production, Mitutoyo Vision Measurement Systems offer faster and more accurate edge detection, pattern recognition and measurements.

Contour Measuring

Contour measuring systems are easy to use and designed to measure a wide range of workpieces. With a variety of sizes and accuracy levels available, there is a Contour solution ideally suited for practically any form measurement application.

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