Electronic Levels and Protractors

Product Features:

  • These levels are some of the worlds most advanced line of precision levels available today.
  • Wyler is a world leader in the manufacturer of Swiss levels.
  • These levels are self-contained (battery-operated) ultra-precision systems that utilize the patented Wyler pendulum mechanism. This mechanism replaces the conventional fluid vial and improves sensitivity and accuracy. Read direct to .00001″/per 10″ (.2 seconds).
  • New Wireless Technology available. Call for details


The new blueSYSTEM from Wyler AG of Switzerland is a further enhancement of the well known and establised line of levels for machine tool inspection and surface measurement.

The new system combines the latest sensor & pendulum technology with wireless data transmission over the international Bluetooth standards

A typical blueSYSTEM consists of one or two instruments communication to either a blueMETER or connected to a PC with evaluation software.

This newest generation of high precision electronic inclination measurement instruments are especially suited to measure flattness of surface plates or the geometry of machine tools.

Click to see Wyler wireless level system.

Click to see Wyler application guide for precision levels.


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