Depth Measurement Tools

Product Features:

  • Available in 0-3″, 0-4″, 0-6″ and 0-12″ depths
  • Base lengths: 2-1/2″, 3″ and 4″
  • Rod diameters: 1/8″ and 5/32″
  • Depth Gages are available in a wide variety of depths, base lengths and accessories.


Ratchet stop for consistent and repetitive measurements. .125″ or .157″ dia. interchangeable rods, with lapped measuring end, are calibrated and tested at the factory. The rod length can be adjusted, to compensate wear on the measuring tip, with two supplied wrenches. Crisp clear graduations on the thimble. .001″ graduations on Vernier, .00005″ on Electronic.

Slide and Dial Indicator Types:

Slide Type Depth Gages: Offered in Vernier, Dial or Electronic types.  They come in a variety of lengths from 0-6″ to 0-40″.  Depth extension bases are available: 7″, 10  and 12″.  Depth Gages with a Hook End are available in Vernier or Electronic.  Dial and Vernier Type are graduated in .001″ and Electronic have a resolution of .0005″.

Dial Depth Gages: Consist of a base and an indicator – either Dial or Electronic.  They can be graduated in .001″ .0005″, .0001″ or .00005″.  The base is either 2-1/2″ or 4″ long.  They can be fixed to measure one specific size or can be interchangeable anvil type from 0-8″.  The contact point can be changed to measure almost any feature inside a groove, hole or cavity.


Brown & Sharpe
Fowler (Fred V. Fowler Co.)
ST Industries