Mitutoyo SPC Date Collection Systems

Product Features:

Mitutoyo Software and Full Line of Measuring Instruments with SPC output

Mitutoyo offers a entire SPC Data Collection solution: From Handheld data collection devices to full computer driven software. They offer multiple hard-wired gaging input devices to wireless systems (see last link on page). There are hundreds of electronic measuring devices available from micrometers and calipers to CMM’s and optical devices.


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Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a tool for monitoring and controlling manufacturing processes.

Dr. W. Edwards Deming claimed that the majority of variation in a process is due to operator over-adjustment. SPC gives operators a tool to determine when a statistically significant change has taken place in the process or when a seemingly significant change is just due to chance causes.

SPC involves:

  • Determining the critical process parameters that need to be monitored
  • Setting up an initial control chart and confirming that the process is in-control
  • Collecting and plotting future data on the chart and interpreting the chart to determine if the process has gone out-of-control

There are a number of reasons why companies use SPC. Often an internal champion initiates the use of control charts and other SPC techniques to reduce variation and to improve manufacturing processes. Sometimes companies implement SPC to satisfy customer requirements or to meet certification requirements. SPC itself will not make improvements. However, SPC will give the operator a tool to identify when a special cause of variation has entered the process so that the special cause can be eliminated. With this tool, constant adjustment of the process is eliminated. In addition, SPC can be helpful in identifying opportunities for improvement that can lead to reduced variation and processes that are better aimed at their target.

MeasurLink (Mitutoyo’s SPC Software) is designed to detect and display patterns and provide additional statistical information. Many patterns can be seen appearing on SPC charts, including:

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  • Cycles
  • Trends
  • Freaks
  • Mixtures
  • Grouping or “bunching” of measurements
  • Gradual change in level
  • Sudden shift in level
  • Instability (abnormally large fluctuations)
  • Stratification (abnormally small fluctuations)
  • Interactions (two or more variables acting together)
  • Systematic variation
  • Tendency of one chart to follow another


MeasurLink® collects data directly from the following Mitutoyo products:

  • Digital gaging
  • Multi-gage fixtures
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines
  • Vision systems
  • Surface systems
  • Roundness systems
  • Form systems

Define What to Inspect: Define the part with characteristics in the Part Library. Tracking of visual inspections/attributes can be combined with measured characteristics or separated.
Define How to Inspect: In the Routine Library, place a group of characteristics from a part or multiple parts in the order to be inspected.  Assign a data source for each characteristic.  The options, tests and traceability are also specified for the routine.
Define Where to Inspect: Devices are available in the Device Library and they can be added to a station in the Station Library for direct input of measurement data.
Define More than Measurement Data: Traceability allows tracking of demographic information that may impact the final product.  The corresponding assignable causes describe potential reasons for the failure of an SPC test or special cause event.

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Mitutoyo Wireless:  Mitutoyo_U-WAVE Wireless SPC Collection

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