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Starrett Comparators

Product Features:

  • Available in horizontal 16″ (desktop), 24″ (floor), and 30″ (floor) models
  • 16″ vertical benchtop and 24″ vertical floor models available
  • Wide variety of screens, stages, lenses, and magnifications available
  • Digital readouts available
  • Heavy duty work stages with fast, accurate scales
  • Surface illumination options available
  • Motorized Stage Options
  • Edge detection available
  • Heavy-duty stands available
  • Stage accessories: Center supports, rotary vise, v-blocks and clamps, vertical holders


Optical comparators are used for an exceptionally wide range of dimensional inspection applications. At the heart of these systems are precision optics, superb lighting and a highly accurate workstage. They combine to ensure bright, sharp images and exceptional accuracy.

Generally, horizontal models work well with parts that need to be fixtured, held in a vise, or on centers. Vertical models provide comparable accuracy and are ideal for parts that are placed on the glass insert of the workstage.


Starrett Kinemetric Company

M2 Touchscreen Control:

Starrett optical projector with an M2 display gives manufacturers a state-of-the-art, intuitive and exceptionally accurate measurement system. It has a broad range of powerful, easy-to-use functions on a compact, icon-based touchscreen interface. The M2 provides instant information on feature form, tolerances and measurement data. It also can coordinate display for X and Y axes and Q radius values for screen rotation. The M2 mounts and displays in either a vertical or horizontal position.


  • Clean and simple touchscreen interface with large icons and intuitive operation.
  • Graphics-rich display with instant feature form, tolerances and measurement data information.
  • Vertical or horizontal display.
  • Windows 7 based.

Heidenhain QC200:

  • Inch/Metric conversion, toggle between incremental/absolute and simple reset
  • Skew function for ease of part alignment
  • Simple part programming with measure guide
  • USB and RS232 Interface
  • Linear and segmented linear error correction
  • Optional optical edge sensing