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Test Indicators

Product Features:

  • Test Indicators are primarily used for testing or checking parts and for machine set-ups.
  • Test Indicators are available in Horizontal models or Vertical models (jig bore).
  • Test Indicators are available with 1.0″ or 1.5″ dial diameters with a wide range of contact point lengths.
  • Test Indicators are available .001″, .0005″, .0001″ or .00005″ graduations and metric equivalents.
  • Test Indicators are available with white, black, red, yellow dial color face
  • Numerous accessories are available along with contact points in steel, carbide, ruby, teflon and nylon

Brown & Sharpe
Fowler (Fred V. Fowler Co.)
SPI (Swiss Precision Instruments)




Test Indicators come in a wide variety of sizes, ranges, graduations, holding capabilities and contact point length – please call to let us help you find the best Indicator for your application.  818 248-4783.

Shown above from left to right: Interapid horizontal model, Brown and Sharpe black face, Compac, Interapid vertical model, Mitutoyo and Starrett Indicators.

Fowler-Sylvac-Electronic-Test-Indicator1New Fowler/Sylvac Multimode Electronic Test Indicator:

• .0005″ (0.01mm) or .00005″ (0.001mm) resolution.

• Four measuring modes: Minimum, Maximum, TIR and Direct.

• 1.5″ dial diameter face rotates a full 360°.

• Available with 1/2″ or 1-7/16″ length contact point (1-7/16″ shown)

• IP65 – protected against water projected in jets from any direction.

• RS-232 output for SPC data collection.




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