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Starrett Wireless SPC Data Collection

Product Features:
100% Data Collection – Error-Free and Fast. DataSure lets you perform real-time, 100% error-free data collection. The data can be collected and analyzed much faster than with manual inspection and data entry.



DataSure users receive confirmation at the tool, indicating successful or unsuccessful data transmission.
End Node radios can store up to 10 readings in the event that the main system is down or busy.
The DataSure radio system works with Starrett, Mitutoyo, Sylvac, CDI tools, and other gages.
One DataSure Gateway can handle up to active 100 tools.
Each Gateway’s radio range is about 100 feet (30 meters). Adding Routers can increase range in 100 foot increments. Endnode range is 65 ft.
The multi-mode function allows one tool to be connected to a Gateway for simple installations, or to more than one multiplexer with many tools for complex shop environments.
The DataSure system features a license-free 916MHz ISM band radio and a self-configuring and self-healing network.
Data acquisition from tools can be initiated by operator or host control.
Network, tool and end node battery status are all automatically monitored and recorded on screen and stored in the system’s database.

For Most Tools with Output. DataSure works not only with Starrett electronic tools, but also Mitutoyo, Sylvac, CDI Tools, Mahr, Tesa and other brands.

How DataSure Works
– DataSure End Nodes are attached to measuring tools throughout the shop

– After measuring, the operator presses a button on the End Nodes which transmits the data

– Data is transmitted to the nearest router, which transmits it to the Gateway and PC, or directly to the Gateway.

– The Gateway confirms receipt of the data by sending a signal back to the tool’s End Node. Even if the main system is down or busy, up to ten readings can be stored in the End Node.


Starrett Data Sure SPC Wireless 210×300 Starrett Wireless SPC Data Collection

View the hardware components for DataSure

View the DataSure Wireless Collection Manager

Scalable from One Tool to an Entire Shop

DataSure is scalable from one tool with an End Node and Gateway to multi-tool systems spread over wide distances with several range-extending routers.

Rechargeable routers are ideal for mobile applications and physically large component data collection environments such as aircraft assembly hangars, large casting foundries, auto body stamping facilities and more.
Easy-to-use software offers user-configurable names for tools and groups. Its user interface runs in the familiar Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.
DataSure’s flexibility means it can output data directly to the main application screen, your SPC software, a local or networked database, and/or TSV, CSV, XLS, and XML file formats.


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