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Starrett Comparators

Product Features:
Starrett offers three 16″ dia. horizontal benchtop comparators a 24″ and 30″ horizontal floor standing comparators. They have a 16″ vertical benchtop and a 24″ vertical floor model. They are available with various screens, lens magnification, digital readouts and stage (work holding) accessories.



Starrett HE400 Click to see the 16″ Horizontal BenchTop Model

Starrett HB400 and HD400 Click to see the 16″ Horizontal BenchTop Models

Starrett HF600 and HF750 Click to see the 24″ and 30″ Horizontal Floor Models

Starrett VB400 and VF400 Click to see the 16″ Vertical BenchTop Model and the 24″ Vertical Model

Optical comparators provide a time tested, cost effective, solution for non-contact measurement. They are found in lab and shop environments, often near product manufacturing activity.

Optical comparators are used for an exceptionally wide range of dimensional inspection applications. In recent years, Starrett’s enhanced mechanical designs have combined with an advancement in microprocessor capability to make our current products even more accurate, repeatable,efficient and easy to use.

At the heart of these systems are precision optics, superb lighting and a highly accurate workstage. They combine to ensure bright, sharp images and exceptional accuracy.

Generally, horizontal models work well with parts that need to be fixtured, held in a vise, or on centers. Vertical models provide comparable accuracy and are ideal for parts that are placed on the glass insert of the workstage.

Vertical systems work well when the parts to be measured are flexible or soft (i.e., plastic, thin stampings or electrical components).

The versatile Starrett line includes optical systems from 16″- 30″ (400-750mm) screen diameters, horizontal and vertical models and a wide range of special machines.

We offer many choices of optical magnification, manual, motor-driven or CNC workstage travel, with PC or LCD metrology readouts.

  • Bench-top models and Floor models available.
  • Suitable for thread pitch measurements-blurred or distorted images will not be produced when workpiece is angled.
  • Inverted image on the day bright screen.  Erect image available on some models.
  • Heavy-duty workpiece table incorporates linear scales for fast, accurate measurement.
  • 10X, 20X, 31.5X, 50X, 100X projector lenses available.
  • Surface illumination option.
  • Heavy duty stand option – 2 height options 23″ or 32″.
  • Edge detection
  • Motorized stage options
  • Optional stage accessories:  Center supports, Rotary Vise, V-Block and clamp, Vertical holder


Shown below the Starrett QC200 series readout/analyzer for optical comparators.  A time saving tool that is ideal for measuring 2-D features on comparators.

Starrett-QC200Some features of Starrett QC200:

  • Inch/Metric conversion, toggle between incremental/absolute and simple reset.
  • Skew function for ease of part alignment.
  • Simple part programming with measure guide.
  • USB and RS232 Interface
  • Linear ann segmented linear error correction
  • Optional optical edge sensing.


Starrett-touchscreen-M@M2 Touchscreen Control

  • Clean and simple touchscreen interface with large icons and intuitive operation.
  • Graphics-rich display with instant feature form, tolerances and measurement data information.
  • Vertical or horizontal display.
  • Windows 7 based.

(shown)  Starrett optical projector with an M2 display gives manufacturers a state-of-the-art, intuitive and exceptionally accurate measurement system. It has a broad range of powerful, easy-to-use functions on a compact, icon-based touchscreen interface. The M2 provides instant information on feature form, tolerances and measurement data. It also can coordinate display for X and Y axes and Q radius values for screen rotation. The M2 mounts and displays in either a vertical or horizontal position.


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