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Standard Vernier Micrometers

Product Features:

  • Micrometers are probably the most used instrument in the modern machine shop.
  • Micrometers are availble from 0-1/2″ to 39-40″. (0-25mm to 975-1000mm).
  • Available with graduations in .001″ or .0001″ (.01mm or .001mm).
  • Carbide Anvils or HS Steel Anvils. Lock nut or lock ring.
  • Individual Micrometers or sets to 0-12″ (0-300mm).
  • Satin Chrome Finish or Hard Baked Enamel Finish. With or without heat insulated grips.
  • Available with Ratchet Stop or Friction Stop.
  • Manufactured in USA, Switzerland, or economy import brands.
  • Available with setting standard and numerous accessories: stands, spindle attachments etc.

Brown & Sharpe
Fowler (Fred V. Fowler Co.)
SPI (Swiss Precision Instruments)
ST Industries




These are the most popular precision micrometers used by skilled workmen worldwide.  They are accurate, rugged, and easy to use.  No one in the world has a list of micrometers that caters to individual taste like we do. If you don’t see what you want, please ask for it.  Special Micrometers are available upon request (quote).


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