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Precision Levels (Spirit Levels)

Product Features:

  • Horizontal Spirit Levels are used for inspecting and leveling horizontal surfaces and cylinders.
  • Available 4″, 6″, 8″, 12″ and 18″. Sensitivity: .001″, .0005″ or .0001″/10″. (10 or 2 seconds/10″)
  • Levels shown: (top) Starrett 199 Master Level, (middle) Inspection Block Level, (bottom) Starret Machinist Level.
  • Let Kerley Corporation assist in your leveling needs.

Fowler (Fred V. Fowler Co.)
SPI (Swiss Precision Instruments)
Wyler Levels



Level Use:

To get a correct reading with a level, both ends of the bubble should be viewed.  If the gaps between the ends of the bubble and the lines are unequal at any time, then they should be averaged out.  The reason for this is temperature, which affects the size of the bubble.  As a level is warmed the liquid expands, therby reducing the size of the bubble so that at true-level there will be gaps at both ends between the bubble and the reading lines.  Conversely, if the temperature is very cold, the bubble could expand and overlap the reading lines.

Any level can be checked for accuracy on any flat surface regardless of whether it is level or not.  Simply put the level on the surface and note the position of the bubble.  Then reverse the level in the same spot.  If the level is true, the bubble will be in the same relative position both ways.

SPI-Inspection-Square-Block-Level1Other Levels include Inspection Square Block Level (left) used for adjusting and checking horizontal and vertical surfaces.  Cross Spirit Level (right) used for leveling machines and other apparatus.





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