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Internal Hole Measuring

Product Features:
These Hole Micrometers are versatile, self-centering three-point internal micrometers for the the accurate and efficient direct-measurement of internal diameters. Three anvil micrometers are evenly space at 120 degrees apart, contact the internal wall surfaces and find true alignment with the axis of the bore for accurate ID measurement.

Brown & Sharpe
Dyer Gage
Fowler (Fred V. Fowler Co.)
SPI (Swiss Precision Instruments)



Vernier Reading Straight Handle Hole Micrometers:

Range of mechanical two and three point bore micrometers are now available as extended travel versions between .080″/2mm and 12″/300mm. This allows wide measurement range without the need to interchange anvils.

Special Features:

Graduations .0001″, .0002″ or 0.00025″ (0.001mm, 0.005mm)
3-pt contact with tungsten carbide measuring anvils above .5″ (12.5mm)
Blind bore measuring above .5″ (12.5mm)
Ratchet stop for consistent measuring
Non-removeable anvils
Extensions available for deep measuring, up to 40.0″
Heads with special anvils available for threads, splines,slots, etc.
Setting rings included in all sets
Includes UKAS certificates for all Holemikes and setting rings
Every gage is individually serialized.
Special anvils available.


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