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High Accuarcy Digital Height Gage

Product Features:

  • 14″, 16″, 21″, 24″, 28″, 32″, 38″, 48″ Models available.
  • High Accuracy and High Resolution with SPC Output.
  • Measure inside/outside diameters in seconds.
  • GO/NoGo judgement by setting upper and lower tolerances.
  • Models available to perform 2D Functions.
  • Numerous work holding accessories available.
  • Shown far left Mitutoyo Linear Height, shown right Trimos V-600

Fowler (Fred V. Fowler Co.)



High Precison Digital Height Gages:

• Newly developed high accuracy and high resolution Absolute linear encoder for posioion detection.

• Easy reference icon keys with a slider elevation knob (for travel)/wheel.

• Measure inside/outside diameters by sweeping hole.

• GO/NoGo judgement by setting upper and lower tolerances.

• Accuracy: +/-(.00011+.0002xL/40)”

• 0-14″ , 0-16″, 0-24″, 0-28″, 0-38″ Models available.

• Optional Depth, Indicator Holders, Ball, Probes available.

• Shown far right Mitutoyo QM Data Height, right Tesa-Hite

Mitutoyo QMHeight Brochure: Click to see High Precision Height Gage.

Mitutoyo Linear Height-600D:  Click to see High Performance 2D Measurement System.  Click to see Fowler/Trimos Height Gages


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