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Kerley Corporation has the solution to your VISION FIXTURING and CMM FIXTURING needs. We can help improve your productivity, reduce fixturing cost and help your company be more competitive in today’s world by using our CMM modular fixture and modular vision fixturing or by having us build a specialized cmm custom fixture or vision custom fixture that is designed specifically for your part’s application.

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Designed for use with Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs). Our CMM fixtures are easy to use, affordable and can be used to setup any part regardless of size, shape or material of part. Helping to increase productivity in thousands of companies worldwide; from aerospace, appliances, automotive, electronics, industrial, medical and numerous others.

Using our CMM fixture and vision fixture and a large variety of modular fixturing components you can setup a part within minutes reducing inspection time and eliminating the search for ways to hold your parts. Our fixtures come in English (1/4-20) or Metric (M8, M4) threads having a gridded alphanumeric pattern with a part number on each component for quick and easy documentation of your inspection fixture setup. For example: in the fixture location A1 you will find (1) S-12-20. The modular Fixtures save you time and money being a smart, easy to use, repeatable solution for fixturing parts no matter what size, shape or type of part you may be inspecting on your CMM or vision system.



If you can make it we can hold it…

The Fixtures were designed to reduce the need for traditional fixturing such as glue, tape, step clamps, and reduced dedicated fixtures. It has the versatility to adapt to any application by the use of various size components and base plates. Whether it is a small medical part, an aluminum casting or large steel automotive stamping, this one fixture system has the ability to adapt to all your applications small, medium or large.

Takes only minutes to setup…

With these Fixtures, efficiency and productivity are increased on your CMM by reducing set up time. All of our components work together and can be hand threaded into the fixture plate to nest and secure the part. The majority of components are hand tighten only and do not require any special tools which can enable the part to be set up within minutes so results are obtained sooner saving both time and money. This will reduce or eliminate the need for traditional fixturing methods that can take longer to set up than to measure the part.

cmm partinsert FixturingConsistent documentation gives you accurate results

Documenting the original setup maintains consistency with all future setups. This is especially helpful when there may be multiple users or a lapse of time between setups. Whether a part is checked daily or only periodically, the alpha-numerically labeled plates enable accurate and consistent setups for anybody and everybody to setup the same way each and every time.

Complete access to the part

This Fixturing enables a clear probe path for more precise measurements and better access to the entire part unlike traditional fixturing where features can be obstructed from the probe due to cumbersome and bulky part setups. Fixtures can be configured in many different ways to give you the most complete access as possible to the part.

Short payback period

Whether a part is a prototype or production part they can be setup quickly and easily with use of the these Fixtures. Multiple parts can also be setup on the fixture at the same time increasing the productivity of your CMM. The flexibility of these Fixtures to adapt to any part makes it a necessity for inspecting parts on a CMM, saving a lot of time and money on inspection costs. Using our Fixtures, the payback period is months instead of years.

Bottom Line = Smart Cost Savings

Smaller components increase viewing and decreases measuring obstruction
Most affordable = Best Value
Accuracy, repeatability and productivity is increased
Reuseable for all your parts
The R&R Fixture can setup up any size, shape or material of part


Modular Vision Fixtures

Modular fixturing system is designed for use with vision systems, non-contact CMMs, or multi-sensor machines. It creates a fast, repeatable way to fixture your part consistently each and every time you inspect it, which increases productivity and accuracy. No more wasting time and money on cumbersome part setups that can take longer to set up than checking the actual part. Our modular vision fixtures enhance your vision system for a lifetime of flexibility and repeatability.

The clear advantage

Each vision fixture is made with a precision acrylic base plate that allows for back lighting and a clear, clean look at the part from your vision system. Fixture base plates can be customized to fit and mount to your vision stage. The fixture base plates are alpha-numerically labeled for documenting your part setups. Components are also labeled with a part number for easy identification and documentation.

Ability to hold and inspect your smallest parts

Our components are small and can be arranged within a close circumference to hold and view the smallest of parts without interfering with the edge detection of your machine. This enables you to view the entire part and not covering up any critical features. Clamps can also be used to hold the smallest parts to the center area of the plate where no holes are drilled.

Made to hold virtually anything

The Vision Fixture, with its multiple holes and various components, has the versatility to hold virtually anything. Steel stampings or machined parts can be held to the fixture with magnets, while various clamping methods are provided for aluminum, plastic, brass, and other non-ferrous materials.




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