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Deltronic Optical Comparators

Product Features:
Deltronic manufactures a 16″ horizontal comparators and two vertical models 14″ dia screen and 24″ dia. They are available with various screens, lens magnification, digital readouts and stage (work holding) accessories. They are manufactured in the USA.



Deltronic Optical Comparator DH216 Click for information on the 16″ Horizontal Comparator

Deltronic Optical Comparator DV114 and DV124 Click for info. on the 14″ and 24″ Vertical Comparator

Deltronic Standard optical-comparator-screens-charts click for information on screens

Deltronic Optical-comparator-Optional charts-fixtures click for optional screens, charts, fixtures


DH-216 Optical Comparator  16″/400mm Horizontal Profile Projector


Standard Features:

  • ESP™ Digital Electronic Protractor
  • Built-in Helix stage
  • Bayonet Lens mount
  • Sturdy all-metal design
  • Cross Roller bearings
  • Quick Release “X” travel
  • Erect Image
  • Easy-View larger vertical screen
  • Large Stage travel 6″ x 10″ (150mm x 250mm), Optional 6″ x 18″ (150mm x 450mm)
  • Click to see the various Charts and overlays available: chart .

DH-216 Optical Comparator Options

  • Automated Measurement System (AMS) provides:
    • automatic inspection, and
    • joystick control.
  • Motorized focus lens
  • Swing-Clear lamp house for surface measurement of large parts.
  • Fiber-Optic illumination for surface measurement.
  • Extended 18″ (450mm) X-axis stage travel
  • Automatic Edge Sensing.


Various Readout Options: Call for Details 818 248-4783


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