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Cylindrical Plug/Pin Gages

Product Features:

  • The range of gages, in each set, offer hundreds of combinations for qualifying hole sizes in or around the nominal size.
  • You can choose any combination of Go/No-Go tolerances, or use the range to find the exact size of a hole.
  • They provide standards for zeroing comparators, setting snap gages, micrometer checking, hole center and layout determination, precision arbors for staging parts and/or checking runout of blanks.
  • Gages are available in sets or individually.
  • Available in steel or carbide.

Hi-Precision Grinding
Meyer Gage
Pennoyer-Dodge Gage Co.
R.L Schmitt
Van Keuren


Deltronic Gage Guide – Prices:  Click to check latest prices on Deltronic Gages.

Meyer Gage Pins – Prices:  Click here to check latest prices on Meyer Gages

Plug Gage Measuring – the art of using pre-sized precision metal plugs to determine the acceptability of diameters of drilled or machined holes. The difference between any class of gage is not the wear or life span of the gage, it’s the tolerance which is allowed in the manufacturing process of the gage.

GO/NOGO Measurement – A GO gage is used to check the lower limit of a hole. A NOGO gage is used to check the upper limit of a hole. If the GO gage enters the hole and the NOGO gage is unable to enter, the design specifications of the hole have been met.

Uses – for precision GO/NOGO measuring of hole sizes and depths, checking hole location and distance, and setting micrometers. All gages are uniformly 2” long with ground ends, allowing you to use both ends for increased gage life. Gages are Carbon Chrome Alloy Steel (grade 52100 bearing quality steel) and heat treated to a 60-62 Rockwell C hardness. All of our products come with a Certificate of Class Conformance, traceable to NIST (National Institute for Standards Technology). The size and “+” (GO) or “-” (NOGO) are laser etched with a Meyer Exclusive Serial Number feature to ensure traceability on your shop floor on all gages that are .061” and larger.

Class ZZ Gages – These gages have an inch tolerance of .0002” and a metric tolerance of .005mm. They are practical where good precision and speed are important.

Class Z Gages – These gages have an inch tolerance of .0001” and a metric tolerance of .0025mm. They are one half the deviation of the ZZ for a better fit.

Class X Gages – These gages are available with an inch tolerance of .00004” and a metric tolerance of .001mm. These gages are used where greater precision is needed.

Class XX Gages – These gages have an inch tolerance of .00002” and a metric tolerance of .0005mm. They are one half of the deviation of the X.  Great for your most critical inspection needs.


In addition to Cylindrical Plug Gages – Kerley Corporation offers a full line of Thread Measuring Wires – Inch and Metric, Gear Wires, ACME and Buttress Wires.  Specials quoted on request.



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