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Contracer – Contour Measuring Machines

Product Features:
The detection and evaluation of contours is particularly demanding work. As the most versatile supplier of production measuring technology in the world, Mitutoyo sets the standard in know-how and experience – with an intelligently-structured range of sophisticated solutions for modern contour measurement. Here users seeking high performance results will find a tailor-made configuration for high performance evaluation of profiles in production and in the laboratory.



Using a Contour Measuring Machine customers are able to perform dimensional measurements such as angle, radius, and distance measurements, the contour tolerancing function for evaluating “form” and the report creation function for outputting measurement results in a specific format are provided as standard, measuring both ease of operation and powerful analysis capabilities.  Contour measurement using a contracer machine is a powerful system for automatic high-volume measurement. Event with greater precision in all axis for difficult stationary contour testing in production environment or in the test room

Contracer CV-1000:
Mobile contour measurement with “stationary” performance profile.
Sophisticated digital technology for site-independent identification and evaluation of profiles –with the precision and performance of stationary systems.
Contracer CV-2000:
The state of the art in economic measurement.
Stationary contour measurer with convincing price-performance ratio. For efficient use in production or in the laboratory in every respect.
Mitutoyo Contracer CV_1000_2000 Click to see Brochure for Contracer CV1000, CV2000
Mitutoyo Contracer Overview Brochure Click to see Overview of complete line of Contracers.
Mitutoyo Contracer with Stand


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