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Product Features:
Borescopes are available as Rigid shaft, Flexible shaft, Semi-Rigid shaft. They can either use a lens at the end of the scope to look through or on a Video Monitor. The light source can either be hand held or a separate high intensity variable unit. (shown to the left is a flexible borescope)

SPI (Swiss Precision Instruments)



Rigid Borescope
  • Metal Machining Metal machinists of automotive, aviation, hydraulic and other precision parts can inspect for internal burrs, defects, surface finish irregularities, and more, even inside deep or narrow bores.
  • Casting Inspection Manufacturers of even the most complex castings for automotive, aviation and other applications now have a fast, affordable way to improve quality control in their visual inspection process with Hawkeye® Pro Borescopes.
  • Welding Hawkeye® Borescopes can quickly identify the quality and integrity of any weld, even inside long tubes or complex parts used in automotive and aviation fuel systems, medical devices and pharmaceutical and food processing.
  • Engine Service & Maintenance Aviation, power turbine, wind turbine and truck ground transportation service and maintenance teams are quickly evaluating mission critical aircraft, and diesel engine vehicles, using Hawkeye® Rigid and Flexible Borescopes.
  • Shooting With a Hawkeye® Borescope you can inspect chambers, leades, lands and grooves, gas ports, and crowns from muzzle to breech in rifles and pistols.
No Matter What Your Application
Precision Borescopes provide you the best value in the industry. Our Classic scopes give you great images at the lowest prices. Our Pro scopes provide more ease-of-use features, still at a remarkable value.  All of our borescopes are designed to accept any of the Luxxor or NOVA light sources and can be used with video or digital cameras to document your inspections.
1. Minimum size of Hole
2. Length of borescope (depth of measurement)
3. Rigid or flexible
4. Field of view (straight, 45 degree, 90 degree)
5. Light source
Variable Light Source
Starrett Inspection Borescope Click to see Starretts latest borescope


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